The benefits of dried shiitake mushrooms for female friends

Shiitake mushrooms usually have two forms, fresh and dry, and dried shiitake mushrooms are easier to store. Therefore, we can see that many friends like to buy dried shiitake mushrooms. However, for the selection of dried shiitake mushrooms, it is also a matter for many friends to tangled. Therefore, let’s introduce it to you today.
Eating dried mushrooms every day, rich in calcium and vitamin D, very beneficial to maintain health.
How to pick dried shiitake mushrooms?
Look: The shape of the mushroom is thick, the mushroom surface is smooth, the size is uniform, the mushroom gills are compact and white, the stalks are short and thick, and the edges are curled and thickened. The color is yellowish brown or dark brown, and the good mushroom surface will be slightly frosty.
Smell: It has a rich, unique aroma of mushrooms. No scent or other strange, musty quality is worse.
Touch: The dried mushrooms must be dried, the moisture content of 11% ~ 13% is appropriate. But it can’t be too dry. If you pinch it, it’s not good.
Korean women must eat dried mushrooms daily. After a woman is 50 years old, her waist will bend and her height will decrease. The best measure of prevention is to supplement calcium and vitamin D to help calcium absorption. Dry shiitake is the food containing these two nutrients.
What needs to be reminded is that the shiitake mushrooms must be dried shiitake mushrooms that are exposed to sunlight. This is because shiitake mushrooms contain ergosterol. This substance is in contact with sunlight to become vitamin D, which can promote the normal growth and development of the body. After buying fresh shiitake mushrooms, evenly spread it on the clean paper and dry it.
The director of the Department of Health Management reminded that in addition to eating some dried shiitake mushrooms, they should still eat more milk, soy products, and small shrimps so that calcium supplements are more abundant. And more sun exposure, vitamin D supplement is also more fully.
Dried mushrooms can be steamed, fried, braised and stewed, and it is best to mix with meat. It should be noted that dry shiitake mushrooms are harsh on the cleaning conditions, and improper handling can destroy the effective nutrients. When soaking mushrooms, use water to wash off the dust on the surface first, then soak it in a suitable amount of warm water for about one hour, and pay attention to the soaking time not to be too long. Then use your finger to agitate in one direction or shake the shiitake’s pedicle down in the water to remove sediment.