Do Bigger and Stronger Mushroom Industry to Help Rural Revitalization

The China central government file no. 1 in 2018 put forward the implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, the file points out that taking the path of rural revitalization of socialism with Chinese characteristics, make agricultural industry look forward, to let farmers become attractive career, make rural beautiful home to live and work in peace and contentment. With the years of development, edible fungus industry a, has become the development of agricultural modernization, the revitalization of the country, lead the people of sunrise industry, is a new growth area of agricultural economy, developing edible fungus, coincided with the country the complement each other, in the country revitalization of which play a positive role in promoting.


Want to consolidate poverty crucial effect, will vigorously implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, however, the country revitalization can’t just a slogan, should also have specific measures, rural development new kinetic energy rely on innovation and growth. Is a major producer and consumer of mushroom in our country, in recent years, with the constant innovation of mushroom cultivation technique, production mode and the continuous improvement of the marketing method, and the increasing expansion of cultivation, mushroom has become China’s first big production of varieties of the edible fungus family. At present, the domestic many poor areas with mushroom industry as the breakthrough for the development of industry for poverty alleviation, using the local rich resources advantages, mushroom cultivation as the poverty alleviation of local industry, mushrooms are north and south of poverty areas in China implement business accurate helps the farmers’ income and poverty to pick a hat for poverty alleviation leading industries.
Advance along with the development of national precision poverty reduction strategy, under the support of government policy, investment tens or even hundreds of millions of mushroom and base construction in domestic and mushroom industry rapid development for poverty alleviation is behind the production of body fluid is insufficient, the blindness of currently existing production in some parts of the region, not to consider Anti-poverty District resources endowment, industrial foundation, market consumption factors, such as the early one-time investment on manpower, material and financial resources are too large, subsequent cash-strapped companies. These problems need to relevant government departments, experts and scholars from the top when making industry development planning design into consideration, the practitioner also needs through the exchange of learning, actively explore the countermeasures. By the China association of edible fungus industry branch of township enterprises and business affairs of edible fungi, jointly organized by China’s first national conference on mushroom industry innovation and development in June 6 to 8, 2018 in Dandong city in Liaoning province held successfully. In three days, the organizers arranged a panel, theme report, symposium, and product display content, invite the industry experts at home and abroad, active production, processing, distribution line on behalf of the entrepreneur, the surrounding of mushroom production and processing technology in China and construction of circulation channels, product branding, and edible fungus industry in power in the strategy of rejuvenating the country take the task of interpretation and the problems of market opportunity, coming to the discussion. At the same time, nearly 100 enterprises from the industry, including machinery and equipment, precision and deep processing, and bacteria-demand materials, attended the exhibition and sales exhibition, setting up a platform for production and marketing docking and cooperation and exchanges. This conference held successfully, for our country with mushroom industry development provides a new way of thinking, new ideas, further promoted the mushroom industry in China’s new product new technology achievements transformation, promote transformation and upgrading of mushroom industry in China.

In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the countryside is a vast world where great achievements can be made and a rare opportunity for development is presented. At present, the edible fungus industry is facing “poverty alleviation” precisely, “all the way along the” major policy opportunities, brought new development opportunities to the mushroom industry development of our country, we must undertake President Xi Jinping’s the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thoughts as the instruction, shiitake mushroom industry in order to do bigger and stronger, and communities in the edible fungus industry developed as driver of rural revitalization plan, to speed up the implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, let the mushroom industry to become the people look forward industry, many new eras rural comprehensive revitalization of the new chapter.